What is Business Development?

Business development in simplest term is known as the activities that are designed to make your business better. It includes other goals like increasing your business revenue, increasing profitability of your business and growth as far as business expansion is concerned.  It is also a one way of making strategic decisions for your business.

Scope and Concept of Business Development

Several activities of business development extend through different types of departments like product management, project management, sales, marketing and vendor management. Partnership, negotiations, networking and cost-saving effort will also be involved. All these entire activities and departments are aligned and driven to the goals of developing your business.

For example, a specific business in relation to the service or products can be successful in your place. This is because of the presence of business development teams that assess the fullest potentials of expansion of the business.  After all studies, researches, diligence, you will find that your business had already expanded in several regions.

Here are some of the common departments of your business that are tied up with business developments:


Personnel on the sales department of your business concentrate on specific market to target high revenue. In this situation, business development teams will assess the market and will also conclude that sales they want to achieve and if these can accomplished for a specific time period. Having these goals in mind, the sales department team will target more customer base and will make use of the best strategy in order to succeed.


Marketing includes advertising and promotion directed towards the successful sales of the products and services to the customers. It also plays an essential role in accomplishing sales target of the business.  Business development in this specific area usually allocates an estimated budget for marketing.

A high budget also highlights aggressive strategy of marketing that includes personal visit, cold-calling, road shows and sample distribution for free. But for those who have a low budget, this may result to passive marketing strategy that includes billboards, and limited media and print advertisements.

Strategic Partnership or Initiatives

If you want to enter into the world of new market, can it be profitable to work solo or partnered with some local firms that had already been in the business for several years? Assisted with finance and legal teams, the teams for business development also weigh all possible benefits of the options mentioned earlier. They are also given a chance to choose for the kind of market niche they will choose between the two.

These are also some of the aspects in your business which have been tied with business development. There are still a lot more of these to consider if you really want to achieve success.  That is why as early as now, you need to consider if you are fit for business development or not. If yes, then just do everything just to achieve success. if not, you may always ask for professional assistance from others who have been using business development strategies.