B2B Selling – Selling price over value

B2B, business to business definition: Business-to-business sales (B2B) are just that, sales from one business entity to another.

Financial crisis, competition and the growth of online marketing have been a great challenge to business-to-business markets. The resulting competition from other cheap markets has created a lot of pressure on the business margins leading to price reduction. Reducing product prices has consequently made the businesses less profitable.

The prevalence of second competition in b2b markets means that you have to create value to retain customers and attract more others. As a result, you must be quite knowledgeable before making a decision in this market. More buyers concentrate on the value while a few focus on the prices.

Look at some points that will help you sell your products basing on the value rather than the price.B2B Selling - Selling price over value - buildthepipe

1)    Decide who you don’t want to do business with

As a b2b entrepreneur marketer, differentiate your customers according to their needs. Creating segments helps improve customer choice. Besides, as a b2b supplier, you get to make a personal choice on who you don’t want to involve yourself with in business.

2)    Improve your margins by selling outcomes

You can improve your profit margins by selling results rather than the products. Since your b2b customers will also be looking for issues, ask yourself what you are selling and build your sales approach on that result. You can as well use product features to improve the results that you are selling.

3)    Be aware of customer requirements

Do a research on customer needs and find out what your clients will buy. Customer needs can change over time. Conduct the research more frequently. An independent market research can go a long way into building your understanding of customer needs.

4)    Remember most b2b customers don’t concentrate on the prices

Most b2b customers don’t prioritize on prizes. Instead, focus more on the value of the products that you are selling.  Basing your sales on the values of the products can help you improve your profits margins. Be a pure sales person and keep in mind that it’s never about prices.

5)    Talk about the Return on Investment of your value  proposition

When you are trying to sell something basing on their value and not the price, explain to your customer the returns on investment. For example, if you are selling a more expensive juice blender than a competing brand, how much can the customer save over a period? Make all your b2b sales and purchases with ROI at the back of your mind.

Eventually, you will realize that selling products basing on value provide your customers with an understanding of how to make investments that are worth their money. Use the needs of your clients to perfect on your b2b sales skills.

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49 Win Themes for All Occasions

The concept behind Win Themes is very similar to that of the “elevator pitch”. According to Wikipedia, “an elevator pitch, elevator speech or elevator statement is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition. The name ‘elevator pitch’ reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes …… If the conversation inside the elevator in those few seconds is interesting and value adding, the conversation will either continue after the elevator ride, or end in the exchange of business cards or a scheduled meeting”.

So it’s clear then, Win themes are the key messages to win. Use the examples below for inspiration, but make sure you include the specifics of your solution considering the key aspects of Win Themes described below:

  • They should be in line with the buyer values (if not, they will have no interest for the client). For example, if the client has not shown any special interest in the price (a little strange, although sometimes the client wants to pay a premium), we shouldn’t emphasize our commercial discount (in fact, if we do this, it could have a negative effect).
  • They should differentiate us from those of our competitors.
  • They should be tangible and include objective evidence.
  • Win themes should be tested by asking “So what”? If this question cannot be answered with ““which means that <some buyer value>…”, it can be concluded that the win theme has no impact.

Insight Sales

49 Win Themes for All Occasions


  1. <Our company> proved to be an innovative and reliable business partner for <Client’s name>
  2. We are where you are. And we speak your language.
  3. You know us. We know you. We are successfully working together in….
  4. We understand your business.
  5. We have been aiming for mutual success.
  6. We are living compatible cultures.
  7. We have been delivering against our promises; no matter what.
  8. We are a strong and reliable partner, who is able to deal with its specific requirements.
  9. <Your Company> is glad having the chance again to prove our willingness to invest in our partnership.


  1. We propose a very senior and experienced team to collaborate with <Client’s name> experts.
  2. We propose a senior team experienced with work in <something> combined with deep understanding of <Client’s industry>.
  3. Our team provides the relevant experience.
  4. All teams have dedicated roles contributing to project success.
  5. We will closely work together and jointly deliver a successful…
  6. Effective and capable customer support service.
  7. Allows team to focus on <Client’s name> needs not ‘recreating the wheel’.
  8. We will work collaboratively with <Client’s name> to ensure smooth project delivery.
  9. We will utilize a senior, experienced team for leadership and subject matter expertise.
  10. We Have the Right People Ready to Go.
  11. We’ve mobilized “the right team” with extensive <Name of the Solution> delivery experience for <Client’s name>.


  1. We are working with companies in your customers’ industries or even with your customers.
  2. <Your Company> has deep experience in a large number of relevant comparable projects.
  3. We have a proven history of providing customer-focused, high quality, end-to-end services to our Clients.
  4. Our robust methodology will help reduce the overall risk while delivering a fast and proven solution.
  5. We will provide customers with the best deployment experience.
  6. “Out-of-the box” solutions, already in use by thousands of people, including our employees.
  7. We have significant experience in <Client’s industry> having worked with most of the top companies in <Geography>.
  8. <Your Company> has developed thought leadership material based on our intimate knowledge of…
  9. During the engagement <Your Company> will leverage assets and thought leadership specific.
  10. <Your Company> provides a differentiated solution.
  11. Following our Approach ensures quality and business impact.
  12. <Your Company> has deep & global expertise in all components of <the project> across a range of industries.
  13. <Your Company>’s differentiated assets, specialized skills and global capabilities are enabling outcomes no other company can deliver.
  14. End-to-End Integrated Support, leveraging the full spectrum of our global operations and expertise.
  15. <Your Company> is uniquely qualified to deliver end-to-end support throughout the journey.
  16. We will drive <something> based on our deep knowledge of the local market.
  17. <Your Company> can leverage its extensive global network of clients, resources and assets to provide ….
  18. We will work with you to determine the approach and are flexible to change the order of activities and tasks should this be required.
  19. Our deep experience in <Client’s industry> in <countries> and globally will help minimize risk.
  20. <Your Company> has hands-on experience of developing relevant solutions in this space.
  21. We Know <Client’s name> Business and Requirements.
  22. <Your Company> is the right teammate for <Client’s name> on this important initiative.
  23. We Will Leverage our Experience to Deliver Business Results.
  24. We understand the key risks to this program and have thought through the actions for success.
  25. <Your Company> has the necessary experience and expertise to implement a winning solution for <Project name>: We’ve been doing this a long time, we have a lot of experienced people and we have a lot of reusable assets
  26. Our Solution was designed with <Client’s name>’ unique situation at front of mind.
  27. Speed to market is key – our proposed solution will be deployed within <number of> weeks.
  28. <Your Company> is the right choice to help <Client’s name> with this step on your <Name of the project> journey.
  29. Based on our experiences in similar projects, our expertise in the XYZ industry and the ABC market, and the fact that we are able to provide a strong and senior team to you, we are convinced to be able to support you efficiently and ….

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