The Digital Strategy Blueprint

Digital Strategy has become a key part of the strategy of any company who wishes to become a market leader but, how can this be defined? Digital Strategy is the result of a planning exercise via which, new business strategies supported by digital capabilities and a specific action plan to implement them, are defined.

In other words, creating a Digital Strategy is not just about digitizing the company’s processes. It is not about implementing SAP, creating a new web page or a mobile application in the App Store. It is about reinventing the business model taking advantage of new or existing digital capabilities.

The Digital Strategy Blueprint is a holistic methodology for developing a Digital Strategy, based on our extensive experience in Strategic Planning.


First, we capture the Business Strategy and determine the key business objectives to be covered by the Digital Strategy. These can be new or already pertaining to the Business Strategy associated to the Digital Strategy.

Next, the company’s Current Digital State is analysed upon several axes. After that, the Future Digital State is defined, that is to say, the lines of action that must be executed to reach the key business objectives of the Digital Strategy identified previously.

Once the current and desired future states are known, the Digital Transformation Programme, which includes all the actions necessary to execute the Digital Strategy, is defined.

The costs and benefits associated to the implementation, is another important part of the Digital Strategy (Financial model).

Lastly, Programme Management techniques are used to manage the success of the Digital Strategy.

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