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All About Startup Costs And What You Ought To Know

It is great of you to be industrious and start a business after all every big organization started somewhere. But before you actually open those doors, there are some particular financial facts and costs that you must understand. All of them are applicable irrespective of whether it is a home-based firm, an e-commerce portal, or …

Why startups fail

Imagine a start-up that promises to deliver groceries within 30 minutes of receiving the client’s order; a start-up which raised close to $800 million from blue chip VC funds like Sequoia Capital, Benchmark Capital, Softbank, Goldman Sachs and even Yahoo. The company also raised $375 million from its IPO where it sold 25 million shares …

Material for the Business Strategy Training

Use the information below for the Business Strategy Training: Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4 Hope you enjoy the exercises! @buildthepipe

Driving Growth through Business Strategy

In the current context, for the majority of companies, sustainable, profitable growth is illusive. Could you be an exception? Can you achieve high-growth for your business? Yes, you can, using our methodology for developing successful Business Strategies. The Business Strategy Blueprint is a holistic methodology for developing a Business Strategy, based on our extensive experience …

New Year: Plan Year Ahead

Hey, Happy 2017! We recommend you to plan year ahead: 1. Look Back – List the Accomplishments & Disappointments. Jot down what you would Change. 2. Vision Board – Pin Images or Goals to a Bulletin Board. Keep it in front of you at all times! 3. Be Specific – Set Goals. Don’t be vague and …

The Fortune 500 Companies B2B Sales Training – Tips and Scripts

Please, find below the documentation of the “Tips and Scripts” module. Hope you enjoy it! Click here to download (share with us your Sales Tips and Scripts as comments of this post). Format to share must be: Component of the Methodology: Account Planning, Building Relationships, Win Strategy, Proposals, Orals, Contracting or Origination Self-explanatory description of the tip or script