Differences in Selling B2B vs B2C

There are lots of similarities with regards to selling your services and products to customers or companies. After all, every group has an exceptional set of established budgets, pain points as well as particular buying choices. However the reality is that sakes technique for a B2B organization has to be diverse than which for a Read more about Differences in Selling B2B vs B2C[…]

How to Create a Balanced Scoreboard?

Balanced scorecard format could vary; it depends on the statistic or data, the industry and company. Some companies utilize a spreadsheet or could be drawn out in sections in a word document. Some consultants and companies could make special databases and software for the aim of a balanced scorecard. Organizations and companies are utilizing balanced Read more about How to Create a Balanced Scoreboard?[…]

What is Business Development?

Business development in simplest term is known as the activities that are designed to make your business better. It includes other goals like increasing your business revenue, increasing profitability of your business and growth as far as business expansion is concerned.  It is also a one way of making strategic decisions for your business. Scope Read more about What is Business Development?[…]

La Importancia de la Venta de Valor

La Importancia de la Venta de Valor Normalmente, los equipos comerciales B2B (Business to Business, hablamos aquí de venta a empresas) centran su esfuerzo de venta en dos puntos: Demostrar que el portafolio de soluciones de su compañía es el mejor para el cliente (aunque muchas veces ni siquiera saben qué quiere o qué necesita Read more about La Importancia de la Venta de Valor[…]

Cybersecurity Trends 2017

From shadow Information Technology to BEC, here some of cybersecurity 2017 trends and possible solutions professionals foresee will take the limelight in 2017. Responsibility for the security of the device Responsibility for the safety of technology tools came into the limelight in previous years after it was shown that many low safety internet tools were Read more about Cybersecurity Trends 2017[…]

Action Planning

Know the Basics of Action Planning

One of the main goals of any Strategic Planning Process (e.g Business Strategy, Digital Strategy, Win Strategy; as explained in our courses) is to define an overall Action Plan that will allow the objectives of the Strategy to be reached. In this sense, the Action Plan is about who does what by when.  It should Read more about Know the Basics of Action Planning[…]

Talent Management

Why is attracting talent for startups Important?

If your startup thrives on the web then better set up an AngelList profile, a talents hub where the finest skills are available, for free. You will meet and engage them as they express interests. Alternatively, day100 offers rich, human-sourced data to help to help your startup hire the most suitable individual. All these are Read more about Why is attracting talent for startups Important?[…]

B2B Selling - Selling price over value - buildthepipe

B2B Selling – Selling price over value

B2B, business to business definition: Business-to-business sales (B2B) are just that, sales from one business entity to another. Financial crisis, competition and the growth of online marketing have been a great challenge to business-to-business markets. The resulting competition from other cheap markets has created a lot of pressure on the business margins leading to price reduction. Read more about B2B Selling – Selling price over value[…]

All About Startup Costs And What You Ought To Know

It is great of you to be industrious and start a business after all every big organization started somewhere. But before you actually open those doors, there are some particular financial facts and costs that you must understand. All of them are applicable irrespective of whether it is a home-based firm, an e-commerce portal, or Read more about All About Startup Costs And What You Ought To Know[…]